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How long have you been a tattoo artist?

I started when I was 14 years old to tattoo, then I had to finish school, that’s when I decided that I want to dedicate all my energy to art in general, in total 12 years as a professional tattoo artist.


How does your daily routine look like? 

I usually start with a good breakfast to manage my energy on my designs normally since I wake up I have a lot of ideas that I try to realize during the day or week…my work schedule starts at noon, I like to work a tattoo per day, so I can concentrate better and give more quality to my work.  but it always depends on what kind of technique I’m going to use … after work more designs for future projects.  And of course there is always time to spend time with friends…


Why should you pay special attention to your work?

After years of experimenting with various elements and drawing techniques and digitally adapting them to Photoshop, I can provide the best quality I can to my clients while maintaining the textures of a handmade work … I like to meet and talk with the client first to give  a meaning to each piece, not just a tattoo but a personality, a story, a soul …


How do you differ from other artists?

How do you differ from other artists?  Like other artists, I try to be and do something different with each piece I work, it is very difficult today to show something different for the world in general, but that is exactly what makes life beautiful, that challenge that there is always that  “Something” you have inside to show the world … I grew up in Ecuador surrounded by animals and nature, listening to the history of travelers seeing shamans, tarot, magic … then I moved to Spain to finish school, I traveled around  Europe and Berlin has been the city that has given me the most in my career, meeting beautiful people who have helped me to continue learning and develop my career as an artist. Based on what I have learned over the years, and mixing my Latin culture I think I can  offer something different that is not taught in art school …


What are your favourite styles?

I have no favorite style because it is constantly changing, but I have a lot of respect and admiration for all styles, if I have to choose I would say a mixture between realism and graphic, making a mixture of several styles you can get something in balance

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