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How We Work

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Our Awesome Team Story

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Who is Global Tattoo Booking?

We are a Tattoo Booking platform, we bring together illustrators, tattoo artists and tattooists, a perfect mix.

Our CEO, Federico Harbaruk, has been 23 years in the tattoo industry, of which 16 years making magazines, books and seminars, always related to the tattoo world. And also several tattoo studios.

How was the idea born?

After so many years in the tattoo industry, especially in the tattoo studios, and seeing many tattoo owners who were badly done and sorry, I reflected that it could be improved in some points.

Finding your next tattooist, through real assessments, from real clients, that saves a lot of time and displeasure for a client, besides a previous selection through our team.

Good Tattooist + Good Design = Good Tattoo

Finding the design, most people find it in google, that means that “most people” have a very similar design and in some cases the same one, and I think that the tattoo is something that makes us different from the rest. It should also be noted that the technique of copying and pasting in Google, in most cases infringes copyright. With our platform, you will find the most exclusive designs, creativity in its purest form.

And finally, the comfort that comes with making a reservation on the sofa or wherever you want.

Good Tattooist + Good Design = Good Tattoo

How does Global Tattoo Booking work?

You choose the design of your life, “the one you love” in the same page you have a section that says “Studio near you” there you will find the studios that make that style and you have it near you. The third step, you click on instant booking, choose the day and time, pay and get a tattoo.

Also, you can first look for the artist, by means of the style that you like most, and in his profile evaluate the designs that he has for sale.

Remember that if you have doubts about the design, for example, if it can be changed from style, color to black & grey, or remove or add something or modify its size, you should contact the tattooist first.

How do tattooers’ ratings work?

Simple, they are done by real people, who are tattooed with the artist through our platform. They usually upload a photo of their tattoo along with their comment.

In the tattooist’s profile, you will find photos of his work, a brief description, address, telephone number, email, social networks, web, designs he would like to make, his availability through the agenda, ratings, tattoos he made through the platform, and awards we give for customer satisfaction. If you get a tattoo please do not forget to evaluate it.


How do they choose the tattooers on the platform?

We do it in several ways, most of them are artists who passed through our magazines, books, seminars, in other cases we visit them in their tattoo studios.

I want a personal design.

All our designs are done once.

I like a design, but I want to add/remove something.

Remember that if you have doubts about the design, for example, if it can be changed from style, from color to black & grey, or remove or add something or modify its size, you should contact the tattooist first.  The tattooist will modify the price of the design and then, you make the reservation.

I like the style of one design, but I want another drawing with the same style.

Simple, look at the author of the design, and send him a message, asking what you would like to do. The illustrator will give you a price for that illustration.

I want a design, but I don’t want to be tattooed with the artists you recommend.

Well, no problem, you pay the value of the design and it’s yours, but remember that all our artists, were verified by us and have a good artistic level, that’s why they are here 😉

Remember that a good tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life and a bad one too!

You can always remove it, but better, do it right the first time 😉

I recommend that you take a look at our terms of use and FAQs.

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Working Process

How we work

In 3 steps you can find the tattoo design, the artist and book the tattoo when it suits you best, even finance it 😉 simple isn't it?.

We've been in the tattoo world for 20 years

Global Tattoo Booking is designed to be the main reference for all those who want to get tattooed for the first time (or even for the fifteenth time), as there is a lack of information specially created and designed for the tribe of tattooed. This void can be seen when many people, before getting a tattoo, looking for information about techniques, style, care tips and others, but almost all the information you get is focused on the tattoo artists, and, after all, it is the customers who will carry these pieces of art permanently engraved on their skin.


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