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Problems during tattooing?

It is important to take into account some recommendations, do appropriate research, consult with others who already have tattoos about their previous experiences in relation to this.

Many people decide daily to get their first tattoo, however, they do not take into account the various problems that can occur at the time of the realization of it, and even tattooers are presented with some inconveniences that were not in mind for lack of communication with the client or other reasons.

It is very easy that a work session does not go as you expected, since there are enough variants for something bad to happen during the realization of a tattoo. It is important to take into account some recommendations, do appropriate research, consult with others who already have tattoos about their previous experiences in relation to this. 

It is not something that should be taken lightly since tattoos are something serious, something that must be very careful, both on the part of the tattooist and on the part of the client, and that for some reason or another is usually taken very in vain. 

Among the most common problems are usually the following:

Allergic reactions

It often happens that for some people, some specific type of ink may be a cause of allergy, especially in some colors more than others, the main signs of allergy are seen in colors such as red, this is by the metals that usually contain the inks, and that some people do not tolerate on their skin, and that is why they become more inflamed, they get a rash on the skin, or tattoos sting a lot, among other allergic reactions. 

Lack of sterilization of the machines (unhealthy conditions, precarious conditions, street tattoos).

This occurs mostly in those places where the lack of hygiene is the main problem, it usually happens in those places that are clandestine, that do not have the optimal conditions of hygiene for it to be a tattoo place. 

Any tattoo shop that looks dirty or where the machines and implements are not sterilized, is something to be alert because immediately you have to say no to the fact of getting a tattoo there, nothing good is going to come out of a tattoo session in that place. 

Skin Problems

This refers to the use of some creams or products for the skin that has been the person previously, these may affect the time of getting the tattoo since for these reasons the ink may not be well absorbed by the skin, happens more than anyone can imagine, as well as those people who may have some scars, these may not allow while the tattoo is being done the ink is well absorbed. 

Problems with the functioning of the machines

It is possible that a machine for its time of use or for the treatment that is given to it, arrives to its end its operation, and it is necessary to stop the session or to have to replace it, by this is that many tattooers usually check their instruments well before realizing the session of tattoo. 

Problems with the tattooist

For one reason or another, it may be that the client did not get along with the tattooist, or is unable to withstand the tattoo, or the tattooist may have an unforeseen event; for whatever reason the tattooist cannot continue with the tattoo, it is necessary for the tattooist to ensure that the tattoo is properly cleaned and covered, so that it heals properly and can be finished later without any problem.

Bad needles

Some needles may not be well sterilized before the session and this affects the client’s skin, so it is good to make sure that everything is in order, both by the client and the tattooist.

Intolerance to pain

It often happens that some people are more sensitive than others to pain, so it is good to choose a good area that is known not to be so painful to tattoo if it is these people, because otherwise the tattoo may be left halfway. 

Excessive bleeding and sweating 

The excess bleeding makes it very difficult to get the tattoo, it can happen for various reasons, and if so, you should stop to see what condition the client is in and if he is able to continue with the tattoo or not.

The same is true for those clients who have excessive sweating, as this will cause the ink on the tattoo to come off the skin or run off and the tattoo in question cannot be finished correctly.


It also happens that, due to the client’s lack of communication with the tattooist as to how he feels, one reaches older people, as is a fainting spell in the middle of a session, that’s why if you feel dizzy, it’s good to ask for time to recover your composure. 

Medical problems

It is necessary to be sincere from the beginning with the tattooist if you have any condition, such as epilepsy, skin problems, pain, diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, among others, to take the necessary precautions or determine whether it is possible for that person to endure a particular session of tattooing. 

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