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Surrealism and photoshop

a relationship of brothers


Surrealism has been one of the most important artistic movements of all time during the history of art, and great painters such as Dalí or Breton can be found behind the best surrealist works ever created.

But this style was not only limited to canvases and oil, but also extended to the skin of people, as various artists began to study and experiment with this style to adapt quickly to all types of designs.

Surrealism is an artistic current that mixes the irrational and unconscious with touches of reality, with the intention of creating new alternatives that allow people’s minds to be liberated by presenting them with a new reality.

At first surrealist tattoos focused on reproducing the works and designs of the great artists of this movement, with specific modifications in each case, but today, with the emergence of various digital tools, it is possible to create surrealist designs in any possible style.

Photoshop, the great saviour

Today design time is precious, as people want to get their artists to make impressive designs for them in the shortest possible time, but in the case of surrealism, traditional drawing techniques could waste a considerable amount of time and there would be no greater flexibility to modify or adjust the design quickly.

But with the advent of digital editing tools such as Photoshop, it is possible to create the most amazing surreal designs quickly and adjust them as needed to suit the canvas where they will be applied.

With Photoshop it is possible to edit images in all kinds of styles, and bring tattoos to the level of the world of dreams, both in a variety of colors and in palettes completely monochrome.

Characteristics of the designs

One of the great advantages of using Photoshop to design surrealistic tattoos is that this tool allows you to make clean cuts in the images to fill them with all kinds of designs: from geometric figures to dots and explosions of colors.

Likewise, it is possible to achieve fusions of elements that do not have logic in reality, but to make a clean assembly in the design, this is full of impressive visual elements, such as, for example, a bird’s body with a woman’s head.

In surrealist tattoos it is common to find realistic or geometric designs, fused with all kinds of patterns or objects that are not directly related to the main theme, but when done properly they are indistinguishable.

Flexibility in design

Surrealist tattoos are often complex to make, on the one hand requires a great imagination when developing concepts, on the other hand it is necessary to know and / or master certain artistic concepts and also must know the basic issues of the proportions of the figures and some graphic design.

Therefore, with digital editing tools such as Photoshop, the process of creating a surreal work that suits the tastes and needs of customers and is also aesthetically pleasing, is a much simpler process than with traditional ways.

This has caused a new wave to be created around surreal tattoos, where more and more people decide to tattoo the most incredible designs made by new artists who have specialized in this style.

And it is not for less, because this style has allowed to fuse other styles such as realist, black & grey or pointillism with a world of alternative dreams completely, taking surrealism to new unsuspected limits.


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