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Where does it hurt most?

Tattoos have been around since time immemorial. Today, however, they no longer fulfil the same purposes that they once did for our ancestors. Nowadays they themselves are often only a fashion trend without any deeper meaning. 

Tattoos also belong more and more to the mainstream: People of all ages dare to have a tattoo, often for very personal and different reasons and it has long been regarded as normal body jewellery. 

The most frequently chosen body zones for tattoos are the arms, the legs and the back: places where everyone can see the tattoo for which they have suffered for hours and spent a lot of money. After all, you want to show off your tattoos.

Others, however, want to stand out from the crowd and take it to the extreme: they let themselves be tattooed on body parts that are normally not even touched by strangers, let alone tattooed.

Body parts on which a tattoo is painful and dangerous.

One of the most dangerous body parts for tattoos is the eyes. One of the first tattooists to use this technique was Luna Cobra, ten years ago. He was inspired by the blue eyeballs in the science fiction film Dune. 

The technique has been improved over the years. The color is injected directly into the eyeball, beneath the membrane that covers the eye. 

The normal problems, such as inflammation that can occur with any tattoo, have even worse effects on the eye, which can even lead to blindness. The tattoo itself does not take longer than a minute, but it takes at least an hour to see how the eye reacts. The swelling can last for days, the eye is irritated and you feel like you have sand in your eyes. 

Another sensitive part of the body is the tongue. A tattoo on the tongue is obvious in itself, because you also wear piercings there. However, it is an extremely sensitive place, since it consists only of muscle and has no protective skin. To say nothing of the fact that one must endure the whole session with wide open mouth. For a tattoo of the tongue one must therefore have a very high pain threshold. 

Is it really worth it?

Tattoos of the elbows are also particularly painful. However, it is also a very attractive place with many design possibilities, which is why it is chosen by many. Of course, it always depends on the pain tolerance of each individual, but you should keep in mind that it is a body part without muscles and the tattoo needle is therefore in direct contact with the bone. This makes the whole thing more painful than you think. 

Others choose the palm of their hand or the sole of their foot because they want to have an exclusive tattoo where hardly anyone dares to get their hands dirty. The skin in these places is different from the rest of the body because it is harder, does not contain so much fat and dries out easily. 

In addition, this skin grows constantly and is in contact with objects all day long. The soles of the feet are also subject to friction when walking. 

For all these reasons, tattoos on palms of hands and soles of feet tend to fade quickly, much faster than on other parts of the body. 

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