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Get tattooed for fashion? 

serious mistake!

…it is never good to get tattoos for fashion, tattoos are not like the clothes

 you buy to follow a trend and then you can change…


With the time tattoos have become more and more acceptable, before the eyes of all, that is to say, what before was seen as a brand belonging to a gang, of mafias or as a negative brand belonging to an unpopular group; nowadays it is better seen, and not only that, there is not as much discrimination in the work places as it could have in some time ago, in fact there are anti-discrimination laws, in many countries.

So it has become fashionable to make a memory of yourself on your skin, something meaningful for some, and for others because they simply like how you see yourself and how you can see yourself in your bodies. That’s where the tendency comes in to get certain types of tattoos, many of them minimal, since they are the simplest and almost any tattooist can do.

Tattoos have a sea of followers today, all seek to adapt to fashions, and as tattoos are in all areas, from an anchor to roses, all designs are valid for a beginner who is looking to fit in and follow a social trend.

The most selected designs by all generations.

The animals

The animals are tattoos that represent something in particular for whoever gets them, but since the beginning of the modern tattoo are the eagles as the favorites, especially in old school, another very chosen animal, especially in women is the owl, this can be in any style, and recently have also appeared in other styles such as geometric tattoos, since they look great any where on the body.

Another very fashionable animal is the wolf, likewise are very well seen as geometric tattoos. Birds in flight, is a very showy tattoo for many, and at one time was very fashionable, so there are hundreds of people with the same concept.

Also tattooing some part of the body of animals, such as cat ears, or even feathers, very chosen even as coverings on occasion of a specific tattoo. The fact is that these tattoos are very commonly seen on the skin of many young people today.  

Tattoos with nautical themes

Not everyone who makes a tattoo with nautical theme is fashionable, like those of animals, but if it is well known that the anchors are very chosen today by following a trend, all want to have their anchors either written, with special dates and so on to try to make them as personal as possible, however tattoos are very requested by most people, both men and women.

Boats are not as chosen as you think, at least not for fashion, since they are usually very elaborate and large tattoos, so someone would not choose to get them for the simple pleasure of having a tattoo to show off.

Old School Tattoos 

Common designs such as daggers, or hearts pierced by daggers, is something that many choose to do, a lot of people will see themselves with a dagger in the future thinking that if it really means something to them or if they just want to cover that part of their body, the fact is that it will be something late.

Movie Character Tattoos

It is very fashionable to tattoo the face of an artist or even film characters, for some it is to honor in a certain way that film that impacted in some way his life, while for others it will be like immortalizing a part of the current culture on his skin. 

Especially the names of children or initials of loved ones, whoever wants to honor and be fashionable with the rest of the tattooed people will choose, no doubt, to tattoo the name of a relative, of course there are those who do because it really means a lot to them, while others simply take advantage of fashion. 

In any case, it is never good to get tattoos for fashion, tattoos are not like the clothes you buy to follow a trend and then you can change, this will stay with you for the rest of your life, so, if you think about making one for fashion, think twice, because each tattoo has to have some connection with you to really be one of those who will not regret at any time in life. 

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