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Tattoos for couples

Partner tattoos are a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Sharing a motif with someone you love from the heart is a wonderful thing, but you don’t necessarily have to get the other’s name tattooed, you can let your imagination run wild so that both will wear a picture that will connect them for the rest of their lives.

“Composite Tattoos” These tattoos are very original and consist of a single motif, half of which is tattooed by each partner and which is only complete when both halves come together. For example: a heart, a map or the word “LOVE”. 

“Identical motifs” This means that they both get the same motive tattooed, whereby it doesn’t matter if the duo breaks up for some reason, because both tattoos are independent of each other. This kind of tattoo is often done by friends, but it can also be a good alternative for couples.

“Finger rings” This type of tattoo is somewhat more complicated and is usually made to seal an engagement between two people. It costs less al real rings and is very original.

“Letters” Instead of getting your partner’s full name tattooed, you can also use the initial or do the tattoo in another language.

“Keys and locks” are very interesting symbols, which already appeared in ancient times and were used to protect the material and spiritual goods of the family. This type of partner tattoo represents the value of what is under lock and key and where of course not everyone has access. The keyhole of the padlock, which can only be opened with this specific key, is the perfect symbol of conjugal fidelity.

“Tattoos of trees” Tree tattoos symbolize the development and growth associated with each couple’s desire to stay together for life.

“Tim Burton Genre” If both are Tim Burton fans, how about two tattoos by Sally and Jack from “Nightmare Before Christmas” on their arms? Such a tattoo symbolizes the imperfect love engraved on the bones.

“Tattoos of firecrackers” If you have an explosive relationship with your partner that is about to shatter at any moment, but still stays together, how about a tattoo of two firecrackers, one each on his arm? Such a tattoo gives you a very original and funny touch, because who has such a thing? Long live love!

“Opposites attract each other” Everyone knows that opposites not only attract each other, but that they also complement each other. Therefore, if you don’t have too much in common with your partner, for example, you can tattoo the

 beach and he can tattoo the sea, he can tattoo the sun, you can tattoo the moon, etc., and you can tattoo the moon. The most important thing with this kind of motives is the tolerance, the love and the sense of humor.

“Tattoos of birds” If the most important thing in your relationship is freedom, then maybe the right tattoo for you is a flock of birds flying along your arm. Also, this motif will have an extension effect when both arms come together.

“Tattoos of words” There are many words couples can choose for a tattoo and “trust” is one of them. This word means “trust”, and it is especially nice to tattoo it on the side of a finger so that it is always visible. Other words for partner tattoos are for example: “bond”, “affection”, “respect”, “honesty”, etc. 

“An important date” It is also a nice idea to tattoo the date of the first appointment, the first kiss or the wedding day in Roman numerals. An ideal body part for this is the wrist.

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